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The clay from Groningen forms the basis of our mud metaphor. It tells the story of Matsch. What also means mud in German. The mud metaphor tells our story. Show that Matsch Student does not just do job placement. No, Matsch is in the fight. For companies. For candidates. In fact, Matsch is leading the game. Dives first in the mud. And helps companies looking for staff to be more visible in the market. Ensures that they can escape the masses. And Matsch Student helps students to shape their future. Arms them so that they can escape the mass and the resistance. In short, Matsch Student ensures that companies looking for fresh forces come up. That job-seekers, students come up. Not to say, come out of the mud. Matsch Student brings students and the business world closer together by making sure that these companies are able to draw on, so they have a wide range of highly skilled candidates. Even if there is only a side job next to the study.

At the same time, this approach offers students every opportunity to literally and figuratively experience companies in business. To experience, first hand, what it is, what it is like to work in a certain company within a specific study field. To be able to determine whether it is a ‘world’ in which they would like to continue, in which they see a future.

In addition, work means working on yourself and that is a process that should never stop! On your mark, get set, work! This symbolises the process of looking for work, finding work, working and learning that work is more than doing your job. Matter of Matsch Student. Because we know what is necessary for interesting and challenging student work in every aspect. Serious student work. In extremely serious work environments.

A unique training programme to shape your future

We don’t do plain old student jobs. And no one Matsch Student is the same as another. If you sign up with us, your application won’t just get lost in a tray overflowing with other applications. In fact, try making the cut to even get selected. We want to see if you have what it takes and whether you’ve got potential. And whether you want to put that potential to use effectively. On top of that, we want to see that you’re willing to work on your personal growth, to keep working and give it your all – all 110 percent. Despite the obstacles and setbacks that you’ll inevitably have to deal with.

If you’re up for that, you’ll have us by your side to guide and coach you all of the way. You’ll have a unique training programme specifically tailored to your needs. Meanwhile, we’ll be working to get you the perfect student job and help you shape your career.

The training programme consists of 3 steps:


Who are you, what do you do and where do you want to go. Very real questions during your studies. But how does this concrete affect your career? We help you to take the next step. To let you grow to be an expert in your own field. This does not happen naturally. You get to work on developing knowledge, experience and skills. A personal coach helps you with this. This helps you take that first step onto ‘the market’ with the best possible preparation.


You seem to be happy in your studies, constantly working with absorbing (more) knowledge, waiting to test your knowledge in practice. You are on the move, on the road in your search, are you at the right place? You almost there because …So there it is – the moment you’ve been waiting and prepping for. You’re as ready as you’ll ever be: ready to dive headlong into the deep of the job market. This is the perfect time for us to Matsch you with an employer that aligns with your ambitions in every way. And with a job that matches your background perfectly; a job that challenges and excites you and into which you can pour all your energy and enthusiasm.


We have found the student job that matches you and your degree. You pass the selection to get started at an employer. The first start of a career but ….

However effective you are in your new – possibly temporary – professional environment, we’ll still be keeping tabs on you. In the most positive sense of the phrase. That means that we’ll be able to jump in and help if we need to. It also means we can share experiences with you first hand. Experiences that could be stepping stones to help you shape your future.


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