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Well, forget about ordinary student jobs. We offer challenging jobs that complement your studies and prepare you for the future. With Matsch Student, what might be your student job today, could well be the first step in your career tomorrow. We offer work in virtually every field of study: marketing, communications, sales, construction, engineering, retail, life sciences, finance – you name it.

We don’t do ordinary student jobs. And no one Matsch Student is the same as another. We’re not one of those standard recruitment agencies: we offer any and all services related to jobs, work and careers. We’re not CV pushers: we’re Matschmakers. If you sign up with us, your application won’t just get lost in a tray overflowing with other applications. In fact, try making the cut to even get selected. We want to see if you have what it takes and whether you’ve got potential. And whether you want to put that potential to use effectively. On top of that, we want to see that you’re willing to work on your personal growth, to keep working and give it your all – all 110% percent. Despite the obstacles and setbacks that you’ll inevitably have to deal with.

If you’re up for that, you’ll have us by your side to guide and coach you all of the way. You’ll have a unique training programme specifically tailored to your needs. Meanwhile, we’ll be working to get you the perfect student job and help you shape your career.


On your mark...

So, you’re a student. Well done! But this doesn’t make you a Matsch Student. First try making the cut to get yourself selected. This involves a robust screening process to get an idea of all the knowledge, experience and skills you can offer – and of how committed you are to working on your own personal growth. If all those traits point in the right direction, well: then we’ll get to work optimising your CV and help you take that first step onto ‘the market’ with the best possible preparation.

Get set...

So there it is – the moment you’ve been waiting and prepping for. You’re as ready as you’ll ever be: ready to dive headlong into the deep of the job market. This is the perfect time for us to Matsch you with an employer that aligns with your ambitions in every way. And with a job that matches your background perfectly; a job that challenges and excites you and into which you can pour all your energy and enthusiasm.


However effective you are in your new – possibly temporary – professional environment, we’ll still be keeping tabs on you. In the most positive sense of the phrase. That means that we’ll be able to jump in and help if we need to. It also means we can share experiences with you first hand. Experiences that could be stepping stones to help you shape your future.



Become a Matscher and stay informed of vacancies that matches your degree.



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